I want to get either a ’66 Imperial or a ’76 –’78 Lincoln Continental Town Car as a daily driver. I…


I want to get either a ’66 Imperial or a ’76 –’78 Lincoln Continental Town Car as a daily driver. I currently drive a 2006 LS430 and it’s not going anywhere, but I crave the old style “driving on a cloud” suspension and “Novocain” steering that the old 60’s and 70’s American luxo-barges had. Heck, my 1969 Road Runner convertible had a cushier ride than my current Lexus and I miss that.

My question is, if I can find a clean Imperial or Lincoln, and replace the springs, shocks, brakes and maybe update the ignition with a Pertronix electronic one, and make sure the valve seats and hoses are updated for modern gasoline… is this a viable daily driver? Size isn’t an issue every housewife around this crazy town is rolling around in a Cadillac SUV or one of those GMC monsters that are all 18- 20 feet long… and if they can do it, I can handle a 21 foot Lincoln…

I know about the gas consumption…. Not an issue… the Lexus barely gets 17 MPG average and it needs premium gas where I think the Imperial or Lincoln will get 12-ish but can use regular unleaded, so the 50 to 80 cents a gallon savings will even that out.

I'm not under any illusions that this is a cheap option. But heck, it's way cheaper than a new Lexus LS even after all the updates and factoring in additional maintenance.

Right? Am I missing anything?

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Yep. I can't think of any American car that wasn't junk in the mid to late 70's but first, I had a '69 Plymouth Road Runner convertible for 12 years and I was fine with the questionable build quality of that thing...rock solid drive train and crapola everywhere else so I'm OK with that. Although I will admit it wasn't a daily driver and I've had three Lexus LS 430 as my daily drivers (bulletproof cars) and second, my latest LS is now 13 years old, and the new ones are both boring looking and I hear the build quality isn't where it was back in 06 AND a new one with the same option level I have now costs almost $100,000 !!! That's crazy town. PLUS they look like garbage in my opinion. Maybe in 30 years they will be cool. But I want a cool car now.

I figure with an average price of $10,000 ($6,000 if I get lucky and find one from the original owner or $12K from a flipper) a clean un-rusty example will cost maybe another $10K in upgrades/mods and give me years of cool driving fun for 20 to 25 thousand bucks.

And yeah, the lack of airbags etc is an issue, but I ain't racing anyone, or driving at high speeds (much) so I'm willing to forego the modern safety equipment.


Fords were real junk in those years. From electrical to fuel issues. Imperial bad but not as bad. Also be aware driving one of those sleds with no safety updates has risk. But enjoy.