I've been an avid SK viewer for a few years now and I really appreciate the no-nonsense approach…


I've been an avid SK viewer for a few years now and I really appreciate the no-nonsense approach taken to getting the truth out about cars!

My 178,000 miles 4x4 Ford Excursion's V10 6.8L (photos attached) engine has been misfiring. The engine spat out a couple of plugs #3 and #8 (2000-2002 tritons are notorious for this occurrence apparently) and I replaced the plugs using thread

inserts but it still misfires, I think the rings are probably not sealing properly because it also burns a bit of oil. In general it's in pretty good shape except for the motor & some Canadian rust! I've been driving it this way for a few years now. I keep spare inserts/plugs/coils/injectors/tools in the glovebox just in case I'm on a road trip and the engine spits out another plug!!!

I chose this car because we have 5 kids and use it for travel as well as for my work - I can remove the rear bench and haul all my equipment and the next day install the bench and take the family on an extended trip with luggage, cooler, bikes etc... it is really a do-all ready-for-anything vehicle that's great in the Toronto winters.

My excursion is unique that it's lifted, there's a nice aftermarket stereo installed with amps under the middle row seats & woofers in the tailgate doors. It's got OEM Harley Davidson rims/lug-nuts/running bards/trim/badging etc... from the 2004 250 Super Duty lineup. I also have a brake controller from when I would tow my boat and a CB radio with police PA speaker under the front fender ...just because!

#1) question is, do you think I should replace the engine and fix the rust (rocker panels, rear wheel wells & rear window frames)?

#2) Can I drive it with this misfiring condition without causing more damage to the engine or cat? I don't think it's a full misfire because when I pulled the injector cable off it was much worse. Even with these misfires it only shudders occasionally when at certain speeds on the highway. The most annoying thing is the smell of un-burnt fuel from the tailpipe!

#3) Should I buy another used excursion from the west coast and transfer the stereo, amps, cables & speakers etc... to the new one and then sell this one as-is?

#4) question is, these days do they make anything similar in terms of capacity & comfort for work & family - an "excursion replacement"? I can't find anything like it!

Your advice would be really greatly appreciated!!

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FYI-- would your family's needs be met by any of these Toyota 3-row options: Sienna van? Or 3-row SUVs: Toyota Highlander Hybrid, "the most fuel-efficient 3-row vehicle on the market." Conventional Highlander; 4-Runner (optinal 3-row seating); Sequoia; Land Cruiser. All Toyota. Good choices for Toyota reliability.


Thanks for the advice Scotty! Due to the spark plug blowing-out issues should I stay away from the 2-valve V10 Triton engines and only go for a 3-valve? Or are there issues with those as well? Are the 7.3 or 6.0 Diesels in the Excursions any better?

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


buy another and sell as is. I went to York University in TO donkey's ages ago. My car rusted out like that too