I recently discovered your channel a few months ago and love to watch the videos for car care tips. Tonight I had trouble starting my car. I was able to unlock it with the button on the door and then when I got into the car to start it I didn't get any power at all. No lights or power anything. The car has a push-button ignition. I know they're pretty dreadful especially in these cases. I tried to jump it using another car and didn't have any success. While waiting for the AAA tow truck I remember my office has some jump starters on the other side of the building. By the time I got it and walked back to the vehicle, the exterior light and dash were on using the battery power. I unlocked the car and the car started right up.

I replaced the battery about a year ago with the battery in the link below.


The car has approximately 48,200 miles and the battery is stored in the trunk compartment. What do you think the problem is or was this just a fluke?

Keep up the great content!

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Do easiest diagnostics first. AutoZone will load test battery/alternator free. Watch as they do testing, ensure they input correct CCA into tester for battery for accurate results. If tests OK, next must evaluate Starter Motor and Ignition Switch, but you don't want to get stranded again, test battery/alternator quite soon. Rule that out at least.