I posted a question regarding a 2002 Ford 150, 5.4L. It has the electronic shift 4WD system. It has the 3 position dial on the dashboard. I was told that when you go from 2H to 4H and you are driving, if you exceed a certain speed the "computer" will shift you back from 4H to 2H automatically. You don't have to manually shift back to 2H. Supposedly there is a maximum speed that you can actually stay in 4H, and over that speed you get kicked out of 4H. I guess it is like a failsafe to protect your hubs and transfer case. I asked if this true.

Why do I ask that question? Say you are on snow and ice and in 4WD. Roads clear up and you are able to go to 55 or 65 or more, but you forgot to shift out of 4H and go into 2H.

Well, I contacted Ford customer service with this question and here is there answer. Apparently the computer will not automatically shift you from 4H to 2H if you exceed a certain speed. There is no failsafe. The driver has to manually out of 4H to 2H.

"My name is Jessica, I am from Ford`s Customer Relationship Center (CRC). Thanks for chatting with us the other day!

I consulted with our Subject Matter Expert and this was his answer to your question:

There is no set speed that would cause the vehicle to shift out of 4H if the vehicle is already in 4H. The top speed is more just common sense then any actual limiter. Meaning if you need to be in 4H then you are on very slippery roads and going high speeds would not be recommended because of the road conditions being poor. I hope this helps!

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.


Jessica Customer Relationship Center Ford Motor Company"

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Very much appreciate your providing closure on this-- thank you.