I need to replace a front wheel bearing in my 08 jeep patriot. It is on the drivers side. I know any shop will be asking at least 300 dollars to repair this, maybe more because it is a pressed in bearing. I have seen footage where this job looks difficult, and others that make it look simple, just a lot of steps. As far as your opinion goes, for the average joe - who does not have any air tools ----- could this job be done at home? Or should I bite the bullet and take the car in, knowing I will be paying a good amount of money for the labor? Thanks for the advice all.

one last thought, would I be better off to just purchase a knuckle and hub assembly from rockauto and go about it that way?

Not I nice job for a beginner - can go sideways pretty fast because of rust issues - the knuckle is easier but you still can face rust issues - give it a try good luck