I'm pretty much looking for some information on this transmission problem, before I set it on FIRE.
I recently bought an '05 Pontiac Vibe for almost nothing ($500.00)now I know why. The previous owner stated that the original transmission had went bad (now I know there was a recall at one time)some time back and had a use one put in afterwards. Knowing that the same transmission is in both Pontiac and Toyota, I figured it couldn't be too bad, I've always good results from Toyota's.

So, with every car that I have bought, I give it routine maintenance; coolant flush, oil change, etc. On this particular vehicle after having the transmission flush and refilled along with new filter, 24 hours afterwards it started knocking like the flywheel was loose something horrible and then stopped running at all, NOTHING, just the sound of destruction.

I inspected the flywheel and all bolts are intact and it torque convertor looks Ok from what I can see. Pretty much my question is to you is...Why would flushing the system cause that and what could possible be my problem? Is a new transmission in my future?

Please help it Scotty before it BURNS!!!

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flushing can finish em up, and yes, you need a new tranny now, but plenty of them in junkyards