I'm going to describe a new issue with our 99 expy 4.6l 4x4 XLT.... We…


I'm going to describe a new issue with our 99 expy 4.6l 4x4 XLT.... We discovered it this
I heard the truck trying to start earlier this morning. I thought it was one of the
boys trying to move it to play basketball. I heard it crank over several times and
even heard the starter grind several times too...but it didn't start and I
discovered that actually no one was at the truck. The truck continued to do the
same thing, cranking over, then resting, then cranking again.
The boys went out to check it out and when they got got in it, the dash was lit
up as if the key was on... But no key was inserted. It continued to crank now
and then....I went down to check it out, put the key in and turned it on and off several times,
but it didn't break the cycle of cranking now and then. I tried to start the engine
and it cranked over but wouldn't start up.
Finally, we simply disconnected the battery and I came into the house to
research the problem.... Which I'm doing now..
Please give me your thoughts on this. I'm not sure where to begin with this
I'd be grateful.
BTW... I have a Bluetooth OBDII reader now and it doesn't connect to the sensor
to get a reading... I guess because of whatever is shorting it out....?.... I'm just