I love your videos on Youtube. They've given me a lot of guidance. Here's my current project:

'94 Dodge Intrepid, 3.3L
Car sat for several years in a remote location. Engine was started and car was driven for a few miles a couple times per year.

Now..... trying to get car up and running again. But now it won't start.

Last fill up was several years ago. I drained and cleaned the fuel tank. Fuel was very stinky (not like normal gas) and was a reddish, orange hue, especially at the bottom of the tank.

Now there's a few gallons of new fuel; enough to get the car to my home. But still, no start.

Replaced fuel pump & filter. Have 50psi fuel pressure.
Engine cranks fine. The tach shows RPM during cranking, so I don't think this is a Crank Position Sensor or Cam Position Sensor issue.
I have spark - checked with a spark tester. Since I have spark, I think the ignition system (and the Crank and Cam sensors) are not causing the problem.
I did not have my compression gauge with me, so I couldn't test compression.

Due to the vintage of the car, I can't use my code reader - only the generic on-board codes. That being said, it's not spitting out any codes.

My next thought is to pull the injectors; could the injectors be clogged and the fuel not getting into cylinders or not atomizing?

A helpful person at the local AutoZone suggested spraying starting fluid into the air intake or cylinders themselves. If this procedure works and the car starts and runs without stalling, will the new fuel clear out the injectors, assuming the injectors were clogged or sticking in the first place.

I don't want to start randomly replacing sensors or components, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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fuel injectors are not spraying gas into the engine, I would remove them all and have them pressure cleaned by a pro or put on rebuilt units.