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2 Questions about seatcleaning and buying old vs new

Seat cleaning:
I´ve got a chrysler 300c crd /2008 beige interior
I have not yet been able to find out what material the sizte are now really.
Leather or vinyl, partial leather only made of plastic?
In a Chrysler Forum someone wrote the seat and backrest is leather the seatsides and top is vinyl.
Is there a method to find out whether it is real leather or artificial leather?
Or does it make any difference in the cleaning whether it is leather or artificial leather, how does it look with subsequent preservation?

Old vs New
Im thinking about buying a Challenger R/T, there are pros and cons.
Most pros for the old one is the cool look and especialy the sound,

New Challengers sound almost like other European v8 vehicles like Mercedes or BMW since there is no big difference., things like cut-outs or other exhaustes are not allowed in Germany.
You lose the admission and the insurance does not pay in case of damage, i´m too old for such games.
Cars that are older than 30 years are given a historical mark, which means they have to pay about 3/4 less tax and insurance

On the other hand is the safty of a newer car, like better breakes, Isofix for the baby seat, electronic helpers for
driving. Someone wrote "The 70`charger has a road like butter on a hot toast"
For example, with my 300c I usually ride comfortably with cruise control 120km/h, if I have to overtake and vehicles a few hundred meters before or behind me, I press the accelerator pedal, tear the steering wheel to the left, accelerate briefly to 200 and the thing is done

I fear very much if I do with a 1970s challenger make it in the end not go out well, because of missing electronical helpers,
The last time I have a car without abs or esp has driven over 20 years ago

And perhaps the most important point you should know is that I have no place to work on the car, I have only a small parking garage without electricity

My mechanics experience is limited to old Vespasouter , Harly Davidson, and the only car I repaired myself was a 1968 VW Beetle, and that was all in the 1990s

My budget toplimet is only about max. 25.000$
I am wondering whether I should look after 1969 -1972 Challenger or Chargers, or I would rather look for more recent Challenger models from 2010 onwards

So what do you think ?
Best regards

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dodge uses cheap fake leather stuff on their cars to save money. Just use normal cleaner that's rated for leather and plastic use. Look at the oldster chargers, they hold their value. New ones will never be worth much with the lack of quality they have. Plastic does not hold up well over time