I hope I am in the right question area!
Scotty, Fantastic info over the years. I to am an old school mechanic. however this is one I cannot figure out.
1993 dodge caravan le 3.3, great van I use for camping. I have replaced everything that is possible to upgrade. starting with the computer and working my way down to all sensors. my issue is this! when the car is idleing in traffic the fan is not kicking on like it use to, and it will go hot on the temp gauge then at about 3/4 it kick's on, it has always worked. now, here is the odd thing. I can turn on my AC and they come on immediately, and it brings the temp back to normal there is only one fan, one speed and one relay that's been changed. what the heck do you think is causing this strange anomaly?

your cooling fan sensor and wiring system is breaking down. The AC automatically turns the fans on when you turn the ac on with a different system. that old thing, heck, I'd just put a toggle switch to run the fan manually myself rather than mess with the computers and wiring on an old one like that

A toggle switch was an idea I was throwing around. Thanks for the confirmationt and information I really appreciate it. I know she’s old! However she has always been garage kept and is in pristine condition. All original. Think a may donate her to the Smithsonian.
Thanks Scotty and keep those wrenches turning.