I hear what seems like a scraping noise (barely audible) from the front end when making very low speed turns (like for intersections and parking lots). I'm thinking metal rubbing on metal, in need of grease, but I'm no mechanic.

This is a '94 Camry that lives in NY and is never garaged. Only does maybe 3000 miles a year so for its age it's low mileage: about 120,000 on the clock. Rust is an issue. I'm repairing or replacing exhaust pipes and mufflers every couple of years and just had a rear strut crack in half. Any idea what this scraping noise might be?

(I'm always telling people I'll drive this car till the wheels fall off. But do you think the wheels are really about to fall off?)

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many things can do that, but worn strut mounts or worn out ball joints often do that.