I have yet another issue with my 2003 Dodge RAM 1500. The other day I was driving home from work, when I noticed the thermostat was fluxulating while driving, from normal to hot, then back and forth the entire drive. First thing I wrought was the thermostat. Bought and installed a new one. I also checked the fan clutch, which seem good, I replaced the rad cap as well. After all this replacement yesterday, its doing the same exact issue. After the test drive last night both the top and bottom hoses were hot to touch. Forget to mention, I also discovered during all this I have no heat just warm air. I'm open to suggestions. Do I need to flush the heater core, then start all over? Could i have a clogged radioator?, should I go stead and change out the fan clutch? In very limited on funds (disability check) and can only replace one item at a time each month. Truck is very import meant to me, it's the only way to get to my weekly doctor appointments. I thank you for your help. God Bless, and God Bless America.

if it stays normal when you drive 65 on the highway over time, then the cooling fan isn't working right on the radiator. If it fluctuates even at steady highway speeds, then either radiator is shot and clogged up, OR you have a lot of air in the cooling system that needs bleeding out. . Good luck

Thanks, I,be tried burping the system with no suggest. I'll try changing the fan clutch this weeken

Sorry iPad missing up. I have tried to burp the system with no luck. I will change out fan clutch this weekend. Also, can you refer a good mechanic in the Arlington/Ft Worth area? Thanks again