I have no idea

My 2001 Honda Fit has an attitude

Hi Scotty, ok I am having this flashing Drive light on my Honda fit, thing is it happens only after driving on rough roads, or in really heavy traffic, all I do is park switch off and then it's back to normal until I hit another bumpy road or get stuck in traffic, also sometimes when I come to a complete stop after going about 50km/h or more, sometimes only sometimes I feel and hear the gear engage and disengage quite a bit, before locking it in nicely and regulates happens for like 2-3 seconds also it does that coming from a stop like the gear disengages when it's not supposed to, and then it tries to correct it and locks in the gear to quickly and gives a slight sometimes rough jerking it does not happen all the time though majority of the time the car drives excellent but sometimes I would say the car is in a "mood to be rude" and does what it pleases, can you help? P.S mechanics here in the caribbean kinda suck so I am really reaching out to you cuz I saw your videos and I gotta say you've helped me solve so many issues I thought was more grave than they actually are.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks so much in advance.




when D flashes, there is a transmission code set. You need a mechanic with a dealer level scan tool to analyze the code . No way past that. You do have a
tranny problem, but dozens of things can do it, you need the code