I have been bending my noggin over this brake issue I am having. I have a scraping noise when braking hard on my 96 F150 2wd in the front. I changed the front brakes, which had plenty of meat on them. Used brake grease at all contact points. I put all back together using brand new premium ceramic brake pads. The scraping is still there. Along with that, I have a simultaneous brake/abs light illumination that comes on when the pick up has been driving about 45min. I can cut the truck off and back on the light disappears. When it comes on, the abs stops working and braking decreases. I have changed the abs wheel speed sensor on the rear differential and still same problem. So I am really at a loss about these two issues. I love your channel and what you do, so I finally reckoned that I would ask for some advice, something I don’t like to do often. I normally just watch your videos and fix my problems. Any help would be appreciated.

often worn wheel bearings do that, see that a lot. Or axle bearings or even differential pinion bearings

Thank you, I will have that changed immediately....The second issue I'm having, is that also linked to bad bearings as well?? Such a good guy to offer free advice to those in need that don't want to waste money on expensive dealer mechanics and shade trees that tear stuff up and take our hard earned money. You and one other Youtuber convinced me to be a DIY mechanic learning from you as much as I can. Thank you so much for the information and experience that you share.