I have another issue with my 2008 BMW 118i automatic, the car loses power when I'm driving, it first happened in mid-August 2 days in a row, on that occasion I called recovery, he thought it was the cable going into the throttle body as it was loose. I have done 3000 miles since then and all has been fine until last Thursday until it decided to do it again, I only got 2 miles down the road before it decided to do it, it just suddenly lost power, I was trying to accelerate and the rev counter would climb a bit but the car still slowly came to a hault, once it got to about 10 MPH it juddered a bit and the engine cut out, which was followed my a few jingly noises and a smell of burning, possibly oil. I then started the car and all was fine and I was able to continue my journey. Have done 150 miles since then and it has been fine. The garage looked at it today and they think its the intank fuel pump, are they correct as they said they wasn't completely sure, I was under the impession the fuel pump can last years, and as the car has only done 73,000 miles I would be surprised if that was faulty. Apparently there was fault codes in the system even though no engine light came on.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


it could be that pump, me I'd have it pressure tested in front of myself to make sure, not just guess