I have an engine problem and I’m unsure if it’s worth fixing. So let’s start from the top. I’m at work ( delivery ) and my car stalls pretty much ( automatic ) while I’m driving and I pull over and start the car back up. Get back to the shop and hit stalls again ( now I’m noticing it hesitating and idling funny ). I leave to go home and again it stalls but now it won’t start. I now have it towed to my other job location where it sat for I want to say about 1 moth or so and I was going to have my boss’s mechanic look at it but he said we just need a new motor. But I’ve got other car buddy’s that say it’s fixable. I believe it’s knocking from the rod bearings being spun but I’ve always had oil in the engine and did regular maintenance. I have a video of it starting up about a month and half of it siting at the yard.

Thank you for your time

junk it or put a good used motor in it, your choice