I have a Eclipse Gt 2003. It was little bit over heating when I bought it. So as the garage recommended, thermostat, coolant censor & signal sender were replaced and coolant system was serviced. A few days later I found some bubbles coming from the reservoir but not boiling out. Two days later I found that coolant level has gone up in the reservoir. When I open the radiator cap there were less coolant in it. So I filled it up out of the coolant from the reservoir. In the evening again reservoir coolant level sad been gone up. I was scared about the head gasket leak. I myself did a engine block test & fount that no oil in the coolant. There was no over heating, no white smoke, no misfire, oil in the coolant, coolant leak anywhere. Any way, I replaced a radiator cap. And informed the garage. The manager said it is normal and there is noting to worry about. But as a precaution I checked the car from another garage too. They are very firm that there is noting wrong. The reservoir coolant level was at top level. It was there for two days. The yesterday I found that reservoir coolant level had gone more up. When I opened the rad. cap coolant level was below the top tank. So this morning again I informed the garage and found the same reply. The manager says that it is normal in this summer. I asked him if this could be a sign of blown gasket. He said no! Can you please explain if there is anything wrong with the car?