I have a 99 Nissan Altima my wipers were both working, turned off my car and then the next time I started it back up the driver side wiper had stopped working. I called my friend while I was driving he said I might want to check to see if it came disconnected. It had just started to rain so my wipers weren't a necessity at the moment so I figured I could check to see if that was my problem when I arrived at my destination point which was less then a half hour away when 5 minutes away my passenger side wiper also stopped. Now that both of them had stopped working I wasn't sure if there was any point for me to check for disconnection but since I also didn't want to bother my friend again I decided to check anyway. Much to my surprise that was the problem so I hooked it back up and they worked for a minute but then they came disconnected again and stopped working. I'm not really car smart so I'm not 100% positive I hooked them back up the properly or not. Is there somewhere I can find out the correct way to connect the wipers up? And if so and I find out that I did connect them back up correctly is it possible that something else could be broken causing them to become disconnected? I need my wipers to work as I live in WA where wipers aren't a option they're a necessity. Please Help Me.

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turn the wipers off with the engine running. Then remove the cover of the hold down nut or bolt on each wiper, put the wipers on the bottom position, then tighten both bolts in place. They come loose cause nissan makes weak parts