I have a 93 Dodge d250 that quit running on me a few weeks ago it was like it wasn't getting gas so I put gas down the injection carburetor and can get it to run that way for a minute. So I ordered a new fuel pump and put it in and no juice it seemed like it would not kick on so I wired the fuel pump straight to the battery and it worked for about 20 seconds and has stopped. And just still did not make the truck fire up. I also checked my fuses under the dash and they were good and I switched my relays around under the hood. Now I cannot get the fuel pump to come back on and plus I checked my old pool pump and hit works every time I hook it to a battery. there is a push button on the fuel rail I guess for pressure and I pushed it in and no gas came out but there was air. And plus I put a test light on the connect to the connections on the 5 prong wiring harness that goes into the fuel pump harness on the gas tank and could not seem to be getting any juice from any of the wires but all of the connections look good in the wires do not look like they have ever been cut I do not know what to do if there is a simple solution to where I can bypass something with a wire could you please tell me thank you so much I enjoyed watching your shows on YouTube for quite a while now in this is my first time being on this website

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


they make repair kits for that pump wiring, install one