I have a 91 toyota crolloa station wagon


I have a 91 toyota crolloa station wagon. Its an odd year model. My car will not start, ive had the alt checked and its fine, my bf said spark plugs were fine, this year model car does not have a crank position sensor in it. . The car was running fine until half way home he said it slowed down then cut off. I know the fuel level was low and i assumed he ran out of gas , but was told it wasnt on 'e' yet. We put gas in it and tried again. It turns over just no start.
I am very new to all this so i took photos of every inch under the hood. In hopes that it was something i could see but dont really know what to look for.
I need to figure this out before my bf takes anything else off and part from it.worried he will do more damage than good.
How do you check the lignition switch? And is there anything else it could be. Any advice will be greatly apprecaited thank you for your time.
Jan belton
Eden nc 27288