I have a 3.8L 2000 Ford Windstar that has developed what feels to be a low speed braking ABS rumble in the break pedal.

  1. I have checked the pads and shoes both sets look fine.
  2. 250, 000 miles on the van.
  3. No ABS mil light.

Problem: when braking once van gets below 10mph braking it feels like the abs is on. (pulsing the brake pedal, rumble sound from van.) This is on dry pavement.
If I brake hard (come to a stop quickly) I dont notice it.

Any ideas??
Respectfully, Keith USN retired.

   Well, abs systems are real Mothers to work on when 18 years old. see this video and find someone with such  a machine to analyze it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T21th6nJe6Y&t=81s