I have a 2013 Mustang Convertible with a black top. In the summer months the car is parked in a drywalled garage with the top down. The way I see it if I come home with the top down and I leave in the morning with the top down, leaving the top down overnight saves 1 operation of the top for every trip. The car has 19K km (12k miles) of summer driving on it. It spends 6 months in the garage on a battery tender with the top up.

Recently I parked at the golf course and the temperature was around 90 ° F with no cloud cover. Obviously it was a lot hotter in the car after 5 hours.

When I left to leave the switch would not turn, even if I played with the steering wheel. I tried turning the key 180 ° to no avail. I had my wife come to the course with the spare key to no avail.

I had the car towed to the dealer. They told me they “Basically screwed around trying the key for 30 minutes and then lubricated the switch”, and finally it worked normal. They told me if it happens again I half to have the switch replaced which is fairly expensive.

A review of the web suggests the problem might be due to the tumblers not falling back into place when the key is inserted.

In your opinion:
• Would it be beneficial to lubricate the lock on a monthly basis to help eliminate the problem?
• Never park it overnight with the top down?
• Or do you have another idea in mind?

David Lewko
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No. 1-2

I'd really don't see how leaving the top up or down would affect the humidity level in the car as the garage air will still pass thru the ventilation system even sitting there. If you believe the humidity level is high in the garage, get a humidity gauge and see where it's at, then get a dehumidifier if it's too high and if you're concerned about it.



Canadian, eh? Yes, use WD 40 modern lube formula to lube it. And don't park it with top down, cause more humidity is bad for any electronics and metal inside the car