I have a 2012 Ford Fusion SEL with the 4 cyl engine and the 6F35 6 speed automatic transmission and…


I have a 2012 Ford Fusion SEL with the 4 cyl engine and the 6F35 6 speed automatic transmission and 49,000 miles, and I have two questions:

  1. The car sometimes shifts fine, with no noticable oddities, mostly when it has been idling for a bit before driving, or it is warmed up from previous drives. A lot of the time, it shifts odd, as if someone doesn't know how to drive stick, where going from 1st to 2nd gives a slight bump, and 2nd to 3rd has a hesitation in between. Sometimes the bump from 1st to 2nd is just a hesitation, other times it's a shutter. I don't generally feel anything out of the ordinary in the higher gears. If I accelerate soft, it generally feels fine, but as I accelerate into it to go with the flow of traffic, that's when it is more likely to occur. I've spent the last 4 years driving a stick, so is this completely out of the ordinary for an automatic to behave like this or should I be concerned? When I bought it a year ago, it had 32,000 miles, and the service schedule recommends changing the automatic fluid around that time, so I assumed someone did it, and the mechanics I would take it to claimed they checked all the fluids. It was starting to act up badly, and I checked the fluid and it was pretty dark, so I changed the fluid in hopes it would fix the shifts. It certainly minimized the harsher shifts, but they are still around. I took it to a transmission mechanic who hooked up his expensive scan tool, and he drove it rather softly, and found the transmission was shifting fine, the temp was okay, and he found no codes, so I don't know what I should do, if I should do anything.
  2. The car shakes around 45 MPH, sometimes at 55 MPH. Give or take 5 MPH, the car will begin to shake and then stop as I go past 45 MPH. The shake is not in the steering wheel, feels like it's coming from the floor. The only other shake is when I brake, so I'm assuming I just need new rotors. Someone said when this happened to them, it had something to do with their transmission, and while this may be a placebo effect, when the car is in a higher gear, the shake feels muted or completely gone, and then when it goes back into a high gear, it comes back, so not sure if they are related, or if it's because the engine is muting the shake.

The car is in otherwise good condition with the body having little rust, so I'm hoping these are all the issues it has for a while. Thanks for the help!

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dil 89
dil 89

It's either starting to go or you have a couple bad solenoids that are bad

dirty dan
dirty dan

Transmissions were weak on those, yours is just starting to wear.