I have a 2012 Ford Fusion. LED turn signals front and back. HIDs low beams in front. I added load resistors to stop it in the back and it works, but only when lights are off, say like driving in the sunlight. As soon as any light mode comes on if I had set to auto or parking or otherwise, it goes back to hyperflashing with the front bulbs flashing but the rear not flashing or getting brighter with braking. If I cut the resistor off I can use my turn signals with hyper flash on no matter the mode, what is up? I tried hooking up to different wires on the bulbs and front and back at the same time for combos. I might get turn signal to stay lit if I did that. Is my only option is to turn it off in the can bus? There are Ford scan tools called forscan but I have not bought one yet knowning or not they could completely solve my problem or I need a professional computer like scotty has to do stuff. Ford Dealerships don't care and want to charge an hour's work when I just even asked if they turn off three things in the can bus. Rip off artists they are. Was thinking I might need resistors if HIDs cause hyperflashing. They are 35W versus stock 55W bulbs.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


realize those modern computer run vehicles often should not have such mods done to them. They are bad enough stock. Once you add different resistance electronics, who knows what that will do to the electronics. My guess would be adding resistors though