I have a 2011 Mazda CX-7. It has 143,000 miles on it without any issues so far. I just replaced the brakes on both axles for the first time. I replaced them with all new Wagner rotors and pads, along with the new hardware that came with the pads. I also removed the caliber pins and cleaned and re-lubed them with the silicone brake grease, and flushed the brake fluid with all new fluid. I didn't replace the emergency brake shoes since I never have to use it. Now I hear a slight noise when I lightly apply the brakes coming from the rear axle. It sounds almost like a warped rotor, being rhythmic like it is out of round or something, but I don't feel anything? Do you have any ideas?

new pads often make little noises, if it goes away in a few weeks, ignore it now

I have been driving on them for probably 1000 miles already. I am going to pull it back apart this weekend and see if I can see anything out of whack.