I have a 2011 Dodge Durango and in Sept of 2015 the dealer installed a fuel pump bypass on the TIPM. This year sometimes when the car won't start. On hot days I needed to wait hours to cool down before it would start. Recently it occurred on a cold morning start. The issue is if I use the push button starter the starter turns and engine never starts. I slip it into reverse to stop the starter. If I use the key, I can turn it to run, then start and the car starts right up. Sometimes I need to cycle the key several times before the fuel pump starts. I have checked the dealer bypass wire and it appears they did a first class job with terminal connector and shrink tubing. However as soon as I touch the bypass wire I never have starting issues for a while. Can a fuel pump run intermittent or is it more likely the TIPM module? This car acts like its in the 1980s with the old control modules.
David in Katy

more likely the module, but really, dealer should never have rigged it like they did.