I have a 2010 ford focus and as of today (May 21, 2017) my a.c. started throwing warm air. The day be for it was working fine (all year) and it was time to add the freon. I've have my car for a year and 1/2 my lovely brother knows just oild change basics and how to put in freon. I'm not sure if we put the wrong Freon in the right place i didi my google search and nkw ive became aware if the hight and low to rechaege your ac. My question is with your experience of so many years of cars what could be my problem as of why my air conditioning was working the day before and as we put on the freon it was throwing out cold air but as I drove my car it is now throwing warm air. I thank you for taken the time to read my concern and I hope u can help.

As I'm aware there is no leaks and the pressure was checked when I didn't put any Freon it was low when we placed it it went back to where it needed to be the dial. So pressure I'm sure is okay I'm not a 100% that there's a leak but let's say if there isn't a leak what could be the next reason why it's throwing out hot air?

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well, first you ONLY add refrigerant to an AC system after testing it to see if it's low. And if too much is put in, that will destroy the system from over pressure. So I'd say to have any mechanic pressure test it now to see if it had too much and that wrecked anything. there are SO many things that can go wrong, but a bad compressor to computer failure on a modern ford, have a mechanic check they system with gauges first