I have a 2009 Honda Accord that was flooded with Harvey. At this point I've fixed everything but the AC and the overheating problem. What should I do to troubleshoot these issues and see exactly what it wrong with it so that I might be able to solve this problem myself?

once a car is flooded seriously, they are best to discard, as water damage in a modern car generally gets worse over time as electronics corrode and short out. But for the AC, check fan operation first if it was flooded, and pray it does not have a blown head gasket from water getting into the engine when it was running

It was never started in water and never got water into the engine. Fluids had no water in them, spark plugs and air filter were changed and car currently drives. Just looking to get it from overheating so that i might still be able to have transportation. Fan was not on when I checked earlier, have any ideas?

well, let it run, and if it gets hot idling and fan doesn't come on, fix that. Just heed my warning, once flooded they become electrical nightmares that are often not worth messing with. That's why insurance companies total flooded cars.

Note definitely taken. Guess I will start looking for another vehicle. Thank you sir for your time, it is very much appreciated!! :-)