I have a 2007 Sienna that I brought to dealership (and I personally know head service manager) and…


I have a 2007 Sienna that I brought to dealership (and I personally know head service manager) and brought car in for leak Jan 4 no leak was found and was charged $200, Jan 28 brought in leaking much more brought in and told leaking from timing cover and would cost $2200 to $3200 (if replaced timing cover), Took car back and 2 days later coolant hose breaks and we tow in. Now another service writer at same dealership tells us that the oil leak was not the timing cover and instead the oil pan gasket so I paid $600 for hose repair and $400 for oil pan fix plus tax. Mid March now told by same dealership that leak is from timing cover and they worked a "deal" for $2,200 fixing leak (taking out engine) including putting on a used timing cover and water pump. First of May Vsc light comes on so we take in and suspect coil in cylinder where I had replaced coil 14 months prior, My friend head manager calls and says he must tear down engine to verify problem which is 10 hours labor to find problem. Feeling I have no choice, I let him break down to find then he calls me back saying warped head gasket and I need to buy new engine to install. I typed him an email with my questions including: #1- why we could not figure out that the head was warped and that the engine was mixing oil and radiator fluid before spending 10 hrs labor this time #2-why the mechanic could not figure it out in March when I spent $2,200 (plus $300 in Jan) to fix the timing cover leak and water pump at that time #3- why they could not figure it out on Feb 1 after when a hose broke and we towed it in and spent $1,100? Am i wrong in asking these questions? It seems to me their way of diagnosing is costing me big time. What do you think about how this has played out and what concessions I should ask for?

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Mike GoodGrip
Mike GoodGrip

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