I have a 2006 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, standard transmission. 4 or 5 years ago she started squeeking and creaking when turning still or at slow speeds, accelerating from stop or stopping, and going over little bumps. A mechanic told me I needed new upper ball joints, so I had them replaced. The sound was gone for about a month, then it came back. Then it went away for a few days, then came back. The parts were under warranty and the mechanic replaced them free of charge. At some point in the next year the sounds came back for a short while but I remember they disappeared after a couple of days driving through snow.

Fast forward to summer of last year, here comes the noise again. I have another mechanic look at it while I'm getting an oil change, and he hangs on a part of the suspension like a monkey and figures it's the right upper ball joint before pointing out that the aftermarket part I bought has grease fittings (which I didn't know) and will probably be fine after pushing some grease in. This worked for a few months. The noise came back, I added more grease. It went away, it came back.

I had used a diy shop to replace my own swaybar links, rotors, break pads, and callipers, so I decided to replace the upper control arm myself. The noise was gone. Then it was back, this time on the left side, which made sense (I drive for Uber and do a lot of driving.) The sounds went away after driving through snow again, and everything was quiet for weeks. Then my left CV Axel suddenly broke in half while accelerating quickly in first gear in Boston traffic. After replacing the CV joint, the sqeeks and creaks started coming back something fierce. The car was also out of alignment, shaking at high speed, and keeping it straight without constantly adjusting the stressing wheel was getting hard, so I replaced the left upper control arm, all the tie rod ends, and had it aligned. The car drives straight with hands off the wheel but my cellphone, attached to the window, still jiggles at high speeds. I don't feel the shaking through the steering wheel so much as the whole car vibrates a bit (not as bad as before.)

She was nice and quiet for a weekend. Now the sqeeks and creaks are back. There's no play on any wheel. No clicking or ticking when I turn. Just something between a rubbery and metalic squeeky grinding sound when turning, and a slow creak when starting and stopping.

Any advice?

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That's so cool! But I don't have 200 bones to spend on top of a possible repair (the part plus $20/h for a diy lift and shop tools) 😓



do this video to find the source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqh1oH8mEqY&t=146s

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