I have a 2005 Jeep Cherokee Laredo I am having problems This is what the items that have been replaced 1 radiator 2 radiator hose top and bottom 3 thermostat and radiator cap 4 8 spark plugs 5 air filter replaced 6 number 8 inition coil replaced code P0 308 plus that code is throwing twice it is also throwing a code for a misfire P0 300 is also throwing a code for automatic transmission malfunction system control something or another need help I've only had the car since March none of my paperwork States sold as is but my car is not financed and I gave him $3,000 in cash and I have money left on it what else can I do would you call this a lemon or what I'm here in North Carolina in Johnson County just need a little help I don't know what to do I'm a single mom and I need to figure out what's going on I have already put $1,000 in the vehicle and like I said I've only had the vehicle since March and when I mean much I mean the end of March I would say the 1st of April thank you I could really need some help I don't have a lot of money I don't even have enough money for gas my gas is terrible worst type of car when you're single mom and it's an 8-cylinder it's sucking really bad on gas maybe it's my fuel injectors I don't know I can't tell you I don't like tomorrow about cars I just need someone to help me


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