I have a 2005 dodge dakota SLT V6 and for the last 8 months or so I've been dealing with the truck battery draining on me. I started with changing the battery but that didn't fix it. I have an aftermarket sound system installed and I started taking the fuse out of the power chord to the amplifier (which helped keep the battery lasting longer) but it would still die but in a longer amount of time. I pulled some fuses out of the fuse box that my truck didn't use (seat heater etc that my truck doesn't even have installed) but it's still draining. I can't figure out what's draining my truck. I assume something is still on while the truck is off but I don't want to have to resort to buying a kill switch and disconnecting my battery every night before I go to bed since that resets the computer in the truck. It takes about 14-15 hours for the battery to drain to the point where my truck won't start, another hour before all dash lights won't turn on. Whenever I have a day off work, I have to get up in the morning the same time I'm going to work and start my truck and run it for 15 minutes so the battery won't die while I'm doing my morning chores. One thing I've noticed is when my battery is dead enough to not start the truck but electrical parts inside the truck still work, when I try to turn the engine it just makes a bunch of clicking.


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