I have a 2005 chevy suburban 1500 2wd 5.3L. I'm getting a code saying " lost communication to actuator A module" but the thing is that we changed it with a used one (maybe that was my problem) and we changed the throttle body but it continues to give us the same code. Someone of YouTube said to check the wires to the module and throttle body, and we did but don't see anything wrong with it, he also suggested to look at the camshaft sensor. The problem that would happen is that I can be driving and hit a small pothole and all the lights on the speedometer would flash on and off and even make the stall, but we pull over and start it right and move 3 feet and the car will shut off and have a dead battery.

when you lose communication with a device, either device is bad, wiring going to it is bad, or main computer circuit that drives it is bad. Good luck on that. You said hitting a pothole may do things, so I'm guessing loose wiring connectors or corroded ones