I have a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo with 150,000 miles. Recently the check engine light and a reduced power light came on simultaneously which caused the car to start but barely drive. It's currently at a mechanics. He first said it's a throttle body sensor which he replaced along with the peddle sensor and neither fixed the problem. Now he's saying the computer in the car needs to be reset or to get a used computer to replace that will cost us $1,000. Does this seem right? Would one of the devices on your YouTube videos correct this? Thank you in advance for your wisdom and help. We desperately need our car fixed and back to us!

those isuzus are money pits at that age and mileage, realize that. And they often fry computers, but get a second opinion first. If you were in the houston area I could check it out, but do have another pro look at it first. Your guy just seems a guesser