I have a 2003 Lincoln Town Car. Recently, the a/c blows hot air for about 10-15 minutes before getting cool, not cold. I went to Pep Boys and they ran a diagnostic on it and said the pressures were good and go home and clean the condenser coils. That has not helped. I can see that the compressor clutch is not turning when I turn on the a/c even though the ambient temp is hot (live in AZ). Any ideas or suggestions (other than never returning to PepBoys)?

Look at the CV Axles and see if the rubber boots are worn. If it's not that, have a good front end shop look at it.

Robert, Chris Fix has a couple of great DIY Air Conditioning videos out there about compressor replacement and AC charging. Requires some special tools. (guages and a vac pump) but it isn't super difficult work unless you can't find a leak or it's electrical.

verify when you have the AC turned on that you are getting 12volt to the plug that the AC compressor connects into, if not it might be a fuse or relay bad. Could be a pressure switch but you said you were told your pressures were fine.
If you do have 12 volt but clutch isnt turning can you spin compresser clutch center by hand (checking to see if compressor is locked up). If you have 12volt at connector and compressor can be turned over by hand then more than likely you have a burnt out compressor clutch.

I have a 2012 camaro replaced ac compressor and charged it. Still blows hot air any clue why ? I didnt flush it either