I have a 2002 1.8 Volkswagen Passat with 172,134 Miles on it and I do take care of it I do my oil changes every 4000 Miles and I only use Castrol Edge Synthetic 5w-40 with a K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter only I also use Shell Premium Gas on every fill up I just replaced my transmission fluid with Pentosin transmission fluid oil my other fluids I only use from Volkswagen dealer only and I don't wait on repair's I was just wondering how many more miles can I put on this car

Repair's I Have Done To My Car
( 2002 Passat Volkswagen 1.8 Turbo )
2 Control Arms
5 New Axelshaft
4 Control Arms
4 Control Arm Links
1 Inner Rod 2017 Both Sides
1 Inner Rod
1 Outer Rod 2017 Both Sides
1 Outer Rod
Valve Cover Gasket Set
2x Timing Belt And Water Pump ( Gates )
5 Alternators
A wheel Bearing
New Turbo Hose
2x Vacume Lines
New Breaks For Fron't And Back
Steering Wheel Fluid Pump
Replaced Radiator Fluid 4x
Flushed Break Fluid
Flushed Steering Wheel Fluid
Gas Tank Wouldn't Open 2x Fixed
Trunk Latch Broke Fixed
Drivers Door Wouldn't Latch Fixed
Electrical Issues Fixed
New Ac Compresor
New Ac Condenser
3x Radiator Fluid Reservoir's ( Becasue They Cracked )
1 Thermostat Housing
2 Motor Mounts
2 Transmission Mounts
Replaced Valve Cover Seal
Ac Relay
Abs Moudule ( Bosch )
New Grill
Tran's Fluid Replaced Gasket/Filter Changed ( Pentosin Oil )
Replaced One Side Marker On Car
Replaced Oil Dip Stck Tube
Bosch Windshield Wipers
Camshaft Sensor
1 Driver Side Window Regulator
k&N Engine Filter Reusable
Breather Hose Fixed
5 Vacume Line Hoses Fixed
Aftermarket Performance Cadltic Converder ( Bosal )
Cadltic Converder Up Stream 02 Sensor ( Bosch )
Cadltic Converder Down Stream 02 Sensor ( Bosch )
2 Cadltic Converder Gaskets
1 New Car Battery ( Bosch )
New Fuel Pump

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man, you've spent some money on that VW, pretty typical. If you don't mind spending that money over and over again, you can drive it a while. But me, I find VWS to be endless money pits. if that was a toyota, you would have done less than 10 percent of that work with that mileage