I have a 2001 sebring convertible v6 2.7l, today I drove it in the morning to work (10 miles), went to lunch (5 miles) and at night while I was returning home I stopped at the store (5 miles), when I got back as I try to start it it would start and turns off.

I tried several times no luck, then what i tried is as soon as it turned on I pressed the gas pedal so it stayed up and continued my trip home(5 miles). When I got home (it was dark) I popped the hood I saw a little smoke and smelled it. what could be the problem.


I had overheating problem which I fixed by changing the thermostat, flushed the system and changed the radiator cap.

However I'm having a noise coming from my alternator belt that comes and goes. I had to take this alternator and this belt to change the thermostat.

Thank you.

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I already did this test on my radiator and this liquid did not change it's color



those are notorious for blowing head gaskets. Do this test FIRST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA7KVQq9vKA