I have a 2001 Ford F-150 V8 4.6. I’m currently in the process of changing out the valve cover seals due to it leaking. The leak was in the front bottom corner of the driver side. I read on the internet that I needed to put some black RTV to the T joints. I’m not really sure what the T joints are and it looks like someone did put 2 dabs of blue RTV on the valve cover. I’m gussing where the T joints are last time it was changed. that is also where I found the leak. So I have 2 questions what are the T joints, and should I put a dab of black RTV on them?

they are just talking about where the tabs are to put dabs of sealer there. But if you don't want leaks, use Permatex The Right Stuff on the whole gaskets, that stuff is mazing

What kind should I use there are a lot of specific kinds, and put it all over the seal?