I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring 2.7. It keeps blowing the 20 amp fuse in the 2nd row, at the bottom.
Previously when it happened, the battery would be fine and all the lights would come on and make no clicking sound.
After it would not start with replacing that 20amp, I put in a 25amp ... I went out and had to be towed. The battery needed a boost this time. A mechanic charged the battery and said it needed an alternator.

I have a CAR MD and wanted to get a reading on it before replacing EVERYTHING on the car before finding the problem. The CAR M won't work after the battery is disconnected until you drive it so many miles.

Well, my youngest son gave the car a boost and disconnected the battery and the car ran for 25-30 minutes. He replaced the battery and I went out, made a couple of stops and came home. Well, the car wouldn't start again.
Checked and the battery connectors weren't tight, so my older son tightened them. Checked the fuses and the same 20 amp was blown. Replaced it and it continues to blow out. Help if you can. Thanks for being there, I'm an older woman and enjoy and understand the info as you show and state it.

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I would say you need an alternator and that it is what is popping the fuse. if not that, then the wiring going to the alternator is shorting out