I have a 2000 BMW 328I, I am having some trouble figuring out the issue it is having. It has check engine light on for throttle position sensor, computer module check error, camshaft position sensor, and throttle valve open, amd close malfunction. It also has the EML light on, I have replaced the ignition coils, brand new NGK laser platinum spark plugs, new camshaft sensors, amd tboroug2 cleaned, amd lubricated the throttle body. Next thing I was going to replace is the crankshaft position sensor. I am needing some help to figure put what is the issue, without spending tons of cash .

bmw=endless money pit when 18 years old, believe me. Often throttle assemblies go bad on those and trip all those codes, but they are not cheap and it takes a BMW dealer scanner to figure that out without guessing. Good luck

Would you have any idea what the problem coukd be? Do you think its my throttle body assembly?

Well I have just discovered that my engine oil is over filled. It seems to be over filled a lot. Woukd the car being over filled cause it to go in limp mode, and sometimes hard to start? Sometimes it will just crank over on cold starts, but as it warms up it is easier to start.