I have a 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass Ciara. No major issues just my power windows. The driver side window will not roll up or down. Here is a pic of what I see. Is this normal?
What is going on here? Slowly becoming a mechanic lol and I'm a girl!

Scotty you are becoming my best friend 😂.

that window has been jerry rigged by some fool with wires being bare, not covered with tape or insulation. Fix all that FIRST and resolder any broken wires

Actually Scotty, there was insulation and tape covering the wires. I removed them to investigate. I tried using a test light to check everything out. I couldn't get test light to come on at all. Only when testing the battery the light came on. I think I may have been probing incorrectly. This is a silly question, but how do you use that thing! I've watched videos on how to use it but...nothing.