I have a 1995 Chrysler Concorde with a 3.3 L engine and 219,000 + miles. Over the last 1,500 miles,…


I have a 1995 Chrysler Concorde with a 3.3 L engine and 219,000 + miles. Over the last 1,500 miles, what was an intermittent problem has gotten progressively worse. I live in rural West Virginia and once a week to ten days I travel 56 miles one way, to a larger town for shopping, etc. In the beginning, on some trips after driving 25 to 40 miles the engine would stumble or misfire a time or two at highway speeds, the check engine light would come on, then the car would run without problems for the rest of the day. On the last two trips when I arrived at my destination the car idled roughly and died, or almost died, at a couple of stop signs. When I restarted the car after stopping at a store it ran well and the check engine light did not come on until I had traveled about 20 miles toward home. The car ran poorly, stumbled intermittently at highway speeds 40 – 55 mph and lacked power when under a load. When I accelerated quickly it down shifted and ran smoothly momentarily but then returned to running poorly. Upon arriving home I checked for trouble codes by turning the ignition switch off and on 3 times and counting the flashes of the check engine light. Two trouble codes had been recorded. 43 – Peak primary circuit current not achieved with the maximum dwell time, and 32 – An open or shorted condition detected in the EGR solenoid circuit. Possible air/fuel ratio imbalance not detected during diagnosis.

I stopped at an Advance Auto Store and Auto Zone but neither store had the proper cable to connect their analyzer to my car. I also checked with the two closet independent repair shops and neither of them have the proper cable. I hope that you’ll be able to help me identify the problem and solution. When I first started having trouble a had trouble code for faulty oxygen sensors were recorded. I replaced the sensors and the car well for several hundred miles. Thank you in advance for your help.