I have a 1993 plymouth colt GL 1.8L 4 door sedan with 148,000 miles on it that i bought 2 days ago and drove back home. When i was driving it home the engine would start to sound rough then fix itself and when ever i stopped to turn it took a 10 seconds for me to get to 20 miles per hour then the car start to shut itself off. So after 10 times of it shutting off i got underneath and hit the tank to loosen up any crude in the fuel tank. and then put in fuel cleaner. and for 100 miles it worked perfect. when i got home i did a tune up consisting of spark plugs a distributor cap and rotor cleaned the carburetor and engine, and did an oil change. and my car worked for about 1 mile and then it turn itself off making a turn and then wouldnt start again. In my opinion i think i need to buy new spark plug cables cus i got a spare spark plug and did ever cable and none of them gave and spark. would this fix the issue of the car or is it something else? Also i checked to see if the rotor was moving at the correct speed.

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hope you didn't pay much for that. that old, ofte clogged up fuel tank needing replacement or full pressure cleaning will do that. Check the fuel filter, and if it's bad inside, fix the tank first.