I have a 1989 Toyota Corolla 4 door sedan, and its sat for about 13 years now (yikes). I decided to turn it on and see if it was still alive, to my surprise it runs like a champ!! But there is one issue... it fights with me to go into reverse. I would shift into reverse and it would act as if it were in neutral. I rev the engine up for a minute or two and it backs up, sometimes it does it immediately, sometimes it doesn't at all, and sometimes I have to continue to switch from drive and reverse a few times. To put it simply it backs up when ever it feels like it. I've seen videos on youtube where people's cars or trucks don't go into reverse, or go only in reverse and fix it but not someone's vehicle sometimes reversing like this. I haven't done anything to the car but burn the old gas and put fresh in. And another thing that I don't think matters but might be helpful is that it's engine was blown in the 90s and was replaced. I guess my questions are, what are the possibilities for the cause of the car going in reverse sometimes when you put it in reverse? Is there a video out there I could watch to fix it? And what could it cost for me to do it or have someone do it?

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remove one quart tranny fluid, put on one quart lucas additive and drive it. Often that will make it work again in R

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