I have a 07 Toyota Sienna Limited AWD. I have it for 2 months now. I took it to the Dealer for a transmission fluids change/service and got a check engine and SCV lights came on on the way home from the Dealer. So took it right back. It took them 2 days to "diagnosis" and came back with a PO101 code. They also gave me a run around things like previous owner tried to fight it for a year and not sure if this is an MAF sensor or not or fuel pump, so they turn off the check engine light and tell me to come back when the check it comes back one. Sure enough it came back on 2 days later. I took it to Auto Zone and it came back with PO101-MAF sensor in which the previous owner had it fixed by the Dealer. So I just disconnect the battery and it hasn't come back on. However, now the car hesitates and it seem to loose a 1 mile or 2 and it doesn't move much in reverse. The engine sounds like it works harder (than I first bought it) and the car shakes sometime when I move up a little bit at traffic light; and it does the same some time when I put it in reverse when parking it. MAF sensor gets dirty? Please help me, Scott!!!

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heck, try cleaning it as in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWCKvU2FmDc&t=62s