I had my 09 Accord EX serviced recently and the shop informed me about a clicking or clunking sound when they pulled it in the shop. They think it is the sway bar link and the strut. I have had the struts replaced already prior to being informed about the noise. I don't seem to hear the sound, but they are saying it could become worse over time. Based on seeing your videos, I was wondering what do you think it could be? Would you agree to it or it may be something else? I'm thinking have the sway bar links replaced since as far as I know, haven't been replaced yet. The mileage is approx. 109k. I recall a few years ago, a Honda dealer mentioned the bushings are cracked and need to be replaced. I haven't had it done, but I'm not sure if it is related with the sway bar link or the struts. Scotty, I liked the video about the power windows and spraying silicone to make them go down smoother. Keep up the great work

links are easy to do, heck, do it yourself. I'd only do that, if you had struts done recently

Would it be the sway bar links or stabilizer links?