I emailed you before about the engine I replaced in my 1990 chevy 1500. with only 2,000 kms on it, the engine has now failed. That is something I mentioned to you. The manufacturer of the engine is claiming that the engine failed due to:

"Unfortunately, we cannot warranty this engine. The engine oil cooler is plugged solid. It looks like it still has the original oil cooler lines on it and the oil cooler itself hasn’t been changed. All the engine debris from your previously blown engine has gone through the replacement engine and caused the failure."

Fountain Tire had done maintainence work on this vehicle and mentioned nothing about problems with oil cooler or lines. In this situation, who do you believe would be at faul? Bond Mechanical (Engine remanufacturer), ASAP Automotive (Engine Installer), or Fountain Tire (Company that performed maintenace such as oil changes & inspection)?

Thanks Scotty

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installer and the maintenance guys would be ultimately to blame IF the cooler really is all clogged up inside