I drive a 2000 Integra GS-R; I was coming home from my night shift, I maybe got twenty feet down the road when my car softly lost power and stalled out. It was only after it stalled out that I realized how badly the road was flooded. I'm not car smart at all, so I tried starting it a few times- nothing happened, it just clicked as if the battery was dead. I came back the next day to take the spark plugs out and change the oil, but it wouldn't turn over and spit up the water. I could clearly see water where the first spark plug was. I later bought a siphon to get out the water. I had some guy co-workers try to help me, they replaced the starter, took off the cold air intake that had a water in it, jumped it, and turned the crankshaft by hand. The car turned over a couple of times but wouldn't start up. There's no clear engine damage on the outside anywhere. A friend's dad later shimmed the starter and got it to turn over a couple more times. He says it sounds like it's seizing by the flywheel/clutch. I'm wondering if the crankshaft would turn if the engine was damaged... Or how I could tell if the engine is damaged. A co-worker thinks it could be the crankshaft positioning censor. I also replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires because they needed replacing anyway. The engine doesn't make a grinding noise when I try to start it, everyone says it sounds more like a starter issue. I don't really know what to do, and I know I wouldn't be able to afford a mechanic. I'm trying to figure this out before winter because I work at a factory that's a mile away from my house, and walking home at 12 am sucks.

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head gasket at a minimum is blown, engine will never start till that's fixed.

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