I can't pick which car

02 Toyota Corolla or 05 Toyota Corolla?

I have the choice of buying one of the two following cars. Despite looking over carcomplaints.com and kellybluebook, I am torn at deciding on which car to buy, when considering the mileage.

2002 Toyota Corolla (145,000 miles), automatic

2005 Toyota Corolla (230,000 miles), manual

Which should I buy? Roughly the same price, selling my current car to afford this

Definitely the 2002, likely to last longer vs the 2005 which might be at the end of its life.

Go with which ever one has been taken care of better. I've seen both those model years reach 300k miles no problem.

Verifiable history of scheduled oil changes? I'd take a 2nd look at that manual transmission, if it has been taken care of.