I brought a Mitsubishi lancer GLI coupe 1997. It was changed to automatic gear set from mannual. I drive it with no problem for 4 month. Suddenly I noticed that after starting the engine and driving like 500 meter the N light start blinking so I stop the car and again restart the engine I drive it fine for about a 1.5 km then again it start blinking. I feel car also get bit slow when it N light blink. After that when I restart I drive it long the problem gone for the day. This problem seems to occur everyday when I first start the car and goes away for the day when I made two to three restart. I took it to the mechanic but his machine can't read my car's computer. Can you please suggest what going wrong?

an automatic car has a different computer and wiring set up than a manual. I would assume that's causing the problems with wiring and sensors and computer that is no longer meshing with the standard transmission. Good luck on that one

Thanks for the reply. If that was the case then why would it drive with no issue for 4 months? So if I choose to ignore then I would not make a major mechanical damage to the car ? Can you please tell what should I tell the mechanic and how much would I expect to spend?